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What We Do

We research pressing issues in psychometric assessment, to provide powerful talent assessment solutions that can be used in industry.

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Who We Are

The Foundation is run by three directors, namely:

  • Colin Blake: Executive Director (Registered Psychometrist)
  • Roger Lewis: Company Secretary (Registered Company Secretary)
  • Robert Blake: Non-Exective Director (Registered Chartered Accountant)

Fraud Risk Assessment

A pressing talent challenge for organisations globally is executive fraud. The banking and financial sectors are particularly hard hit by this challenge, and the present global psychometric tests for Integrity are not always sufficient to detect possible fraudulent behaviour during executive selection.

In response to this challenge the Foundation has developed a Fraud Risk Assessment, that can be added to existing psychometric measures, to better identify possible fraudulent candidates, either during selection or during internal fraud investigations. 

The Fraud Risk Assessment is based on the Fraud Personality Model (Colin Blake & Partners), and utilizes the 16pf Primary Factor scores to derive a Fraud Risk Index. The Model is the result of extensive global research on fraud personality profiling. 

The Fraud Risk Assessment is designed to be used in recruitment and fraud investigations, to assist in fraud reduction, prevention and detection. It is particularly applicable to the reduction of executive fraud in companies. 

The Fraud Risk Index is a measure of a candidate's capability or potential to commit fraudulent actions. It does not indicate that the individual has done so in the past, or will do so in the future. The Index needs to be confirmed by further candidate background checks, to establish whether or not the individual has in fact committed fraudulent actions. 

A very high fraud risk index indicates that very careful and thorough candidate background checks are recommended before appointing the candidate to a key position. The background checks would include the candidate’s work history, references, qualifications, ID, and criminal record.

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Fraud Risk Assessment

  • In-depth personality assessment
  • Graphical personality profile
  • Fraud Risk Index
  • Recommendat


Foundation hours

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hours

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Address: Regus Offices, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street, Observatory, Cape Town
Phone: +27 82 532 3124

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